Kids Camp

GYG will be offering basic knitting camps for kids (of all ages) during this summer. These camps are appropriate for children between the ages of 8-14 and adults looking for a daytime Learn to Knit class.

Instructor Theresa Thurmond will be available in the shop in July on Thursday evenings, from 5:00 - 6:00 pm, to assist you with beginning knitting and/or a project.

The camp dates/times: July 2, 16, 23, 30 from 5:00 - 6:00 pm. Note that July 9 is not a camp day.

If you're ready to tackle a project, but need help with ideas in your skill range, contact Theresa by email at: or by phone at: (916) 792-7744

Camp 1 (Week 1)
Camp 1 will be a basic introduction to knitting and the following camps will build on skills and techniques learned from the previous week. All class policies apply for the camps; see our class schedule for policy details.

Students will be introduced to different needle types; circular, straights, DPNs and materials (bamboo, plastic, birch, metal) and yarns (weights, fibers). The first camp will focus on the following techniques to create a washcloth:
  1. Casting on using the backward loop method
  2. Knitting a knit stitch using the English “throwing” method
  3. Obtaining and practicing the correct tension
  4. Reading a simple washcloth pattern
  5. Working on a washcloth
  6. Binding off
Supplies provided for Camp 1 will be one pair of straight needles and a ball of yarn appropriate for a washcloth.

Camp 2 (Week 2)
Camp 2 will focus on practising and adding the following techniques to those learned in week one to be used in a scarf project. Students will also get a different pair of needles and yarn to increase their exposure to knitting. The following techniques will be discussed:
  1. Purling
  2. Increasing stitches using the “yarn over” method
  3. Decreasing stitches with a knit two together method
  4. Reading these two stitches in a more challenging scarf pattern
  5. Working on a scarf with techniques learned in week 1 and week 2
Supplies provided for Camp 2 will be one pair of circular needles and different type of yarn used from the previous week. Students will be encouraged to share yarn so they can add color to their project.

Camp 3 (Week 3)

Camp 3 will focus on knitting in the round or circular knitting. Students will use circular and double pointed needles to work on a simple hat project. Week 3 will use all of the combined techniques from week one and week two and in addition, students will learn the following:
  1. Measuring head circumference
  2. Swatching and gauging
  3. Casting on and joining in the round
  4. Knitting in the round
  5. Decreasing in the round
  6. Using double pointed needles
  7. Finishing the top of a hat
Supplies provided for Camp 3 will be a pair of 16 inch circular needles, double pointed needles and a ball of yarn.
Beginners Knitting Kids Camp